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SCCAOR Work Party a huge success


Goodbye and thanks so very much.

On Saturday, Sept. 6th, the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (SCCAOR) completed their fall clean-up and rose care workday in partnership with MFPA and Adopt-a-Park. SCCAOR’s park project is the Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Rose Garden at McAbee Rd. & Golden Oaks Way.
Today it was time to remove the weeds and flowering-plum root growth, & dead-head & fertilize the roses. We hope to promote one more grand final rose bloom before the end of the year. When the roses go dormant in late January, we will prune the roses to a common height and get them ready for spring. This rose garden was planted & created by the South Bay Community Church on the in Nov. of 2010 as one of their “Beautiful Day” projects. MFPA had presented the need of a partnership with a local group to help maintain this garden; and SCCAOR stepped up to the plate. We are entering the 3rd year of this partnership and looking forward to keeping the momentum going.


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A special thank you to Dave Walsh and Grace Garland of SCCAOR for coordinating this partnership! Thanks also to Matt and Jeni Lepow, owners of Almaden Valley Nursery for their contributions to the effort. Besides having SCCAOR on site this morning, we also had Scout Troop 262 come by after they had finished up their Saturday morning Scouting activity. Since we had the tools available, they took advantage of the situation and weeded and pruned the plants in their two scout projects on the east side of McAbee. It was good timing on their part as the water main had been off for a while and they were able to water all the plants. Thanks for pitching in Scouts!

As you can see, all is well at McAbee Road and Golden Oaks Way!

Check out the MFPA news in the Almaden Times this week

Please take a look at this page from the Valley Currents section of the Almaden Times’s digital edition.

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Signs of coyotes on rise in Cambrian Park area


Recent coyote sightings have pet owners on alert.

When resident Mike Reinhart saw a trail of fur on the ground during an early morning walk with his dog, he thought there may have been a cat fight. Then he found the remains of a cat, only its paws left intact, and realized it was probably the work of coyotes he had seen in the neighborhood.

Click here for the rest of the story found

in Wednesday’s San Jose Mercury Newspaper.

No excuses now! Check out the new Dog Bag Dispensers.

Thanks to Martin-Fontana Parks Association members, Larry Sasscer, and  Sunny Wagstaff.  We now have new dog bag dispensers.  The wooden ones found in TJ Martin Park were made by Larry using lumber he had laying around.  He’s the guy who refurnished the wooden benches at the western end of TJ Martin Park.  You can see that Larry is a real craftsman.  The lid opens at the top to add more bags or to remove one.   The new green tubular ones were made by Sunny using material donated by Terry Mechanical, a local plumbing contractor.  Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services personnel had provided the ones in the small dog run & another one near the outside southeast corner of the large dog run fence.

Besides the dog bag dispensers, MFPA purchased signs to be placed near the dispensers to remind folks to pick up after their dogs do their “business ”  MFPA member Dick Stevens took care of finding & ordering the signs for us.

Now that we have these dispensers please help us out by bringing those small left over plastic bags you have at home down to the park to fill those dispensers.  I don’t know if the dogs will thank you but those walking in the park sure will.  Nothing can ruin a walk in the park more than stepping in “you know what”.


Martin-Fontana Parks Association receives another award.

Our City Forest celebrated Twenty Years of Volunteers by honoring two decades of volunteer spirit & dedication by passing out these beautiful framed awards.   Attending the event were MFPA President Linda Wilson, Secretary Pat Wagstaff and her husband, Sunny.  Also in attendance was San Jose Councilmember Johnny Khamis.   The ceremony was held on August the 2nd. at the Camden Community Center.


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