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Last year was a difficult time for our parks because of the drought. Martin-Fontana Parks Association spent most of last year keeping approximately 100 trees and shrubs from dying. Trees and shrubs were hand watered on a monthly basis. This included several older trees that were stressed by the drought. As a result, nearly all of the trees/shrubs we watered were able to weather the drought.

In addition, we have had and continue to have, an ongoing dialogue with the San Jose’s Parks department to address the turf and rodent infestation problems and the constant failure of our parks’ sprinkler systems. We are beginning to see action by the parks department.

Beginning this month, MFPA will be working with San Jose Parks’ to develop a 5 year plan for our two parks. Key components of this plan will be:

1. Planting drought tolerant native plants and shrubs that better suit our semi-arid climate.
2. Improvements to the parks infrastructure including children’s tot lots and other capital improvements that offers additional youth and adult recreation activities.
3. Rodent control, upgrading our parks turf, and replacing our aging irrigation system.

Lastly, we have continued our dialogue with PG&E regarding the preservation of our parks’ most precious resource: our trees. Your Membership affirms our community’s intent to PG&E that we are serious about PG&E being respectful of these priceless resources. We have been consistently successful getting PG&E to agree to prune, rather than remove these trees.

If you have questions/comments you would like us to address feel free to email us at:

If you are ready to become a member, a sponsor, or you need to renew your membership, it can be done in one of three ways:

1. You may renew your membership by using PayPal.  Just click on the “Make a Donation” button at  the top right of this page and follow the instructions.
2. You can write a check to the Martin-Fontana Parks Association and mail it to: Martin-Fontana Parks Association, 1177 Branham Lane #137, San Jose, CA 95118.
3. Or you could write a check to the Martin-Fontana Parks Association, let us know, and we will gladly stop by and pick it up for delivery to our membership Chairperson.

We encourage you to fill out a membership form to include with your check.  It is available online here or you can pick up one at our kiosk in Jeffrey Fontana Park near the dog park.

Thank you for your past support and we hope you will want to continue to be a member of our association and the important work we do improving and preserving our parks.

The MFPA Board of Directors

Building the Budget from Zero


Mayor Sam Liccardo invites you to the 2016-2017 Community Budget Priority Setting – “Building the Budget from Zero.”
Martin-Fontana Parks Association urges all park users and park advocates to register for this Budget Priority Setting, and tell the city it is time to begin making parks a priority item. Maintenance has been cut by 50% since the recession began; our parks are suffering all over the city. Register now to let the city know their residents care about their neighborhood parks!

Saturday February 20, 2016
Parkside Hall
180 Park Ave. San Jose, CA
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Participants will learn more about the City budget and have the opportunity to discuss and provide input on community priorities. This year, residents will also participate in a “Zero-Based” budgeting exercise designed around programs and services that impact our neighborhoods.

They have expanded this year’s event to be open to all residents age 12 and up who want to participate (800 person capacity).

This year technology will be a critical part of the session. If available, please bring your smart phone!!!

Note: This event is only open to residents of San José. Free parking will be provided for all participants.

Register via the following link:


Thanks to the time & effort of Martin-Fontana Parks Association member, Larry Sasscer, several dog bag dispensers were created & mounted in TJ Martin Park.  See the August 28th, 2014 “No excuses now! Check out the new Dog Bag Dispensers” posting.

What a shame that we have folks walking in our parks who feel the need to destroy something.  Larry put a lot of time & effort building these boxes.

The 2015 Martin-Fontana Parks Association website in review

Annual Review image

Check it out, you’ll find lots of interesting statistics such as:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. Our website was viewed about 5,000 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

There were 358 pictures uploaded; that’s about 7 pictures per week.

Click here to see the complete report.

Our gift to you. A new fence for Island C.

The new fence around Island C in Jeffrey Fontana Park.

The new fence around Island C in Jeffrey Fontana Park.

Well we did have a little rain that muddied up the place, but we got the job done!

Thanks to the Martin-Fontana Parks Association for their support of this project; but a special thanks to the well-oiled machine that put the fence in today….. in record time… and with uniformity of thought!

The fence crew from left to right. Richard Grialou, Larry Sasscer, Sunny Wagstaff, Pat Pizzo, and Dave Poeschel.

The fence crew from left to right. Richard Grialou, Larry Sasscer, Sunny Wagstaff, Pat Pizzo, and Dave Poeschel.

Vince, Patrict, Larry, & Richard hard at work.

Vince, Patrict, Larry, & Richard hard at work.

Thanks Sunny, Larry, Dave, Rich, Vince and Pat.  The fence really does look good…. If you get a chance take a gander!

*Photos provided by Susan Mosher and Sunny Wagstaff

Saving the Monarch Butterfly

On Saturday morning, December 5th, a group of volunteers from the Martin-Fontana Parks Association (both officers & residents) and folks associated with the SCV-CNPS, Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the California Native Plant Society, planted a 20 by 4 foot patch IMG_0264of the Monarch caterpillar habitat plant, Asclepias Fascicularis, a California Narrowleaf Milkweed. Most of you are aware that the population of the West-Coast Monarch butterflies has dramatically decreased, due in large part to the near elimination of the host plant.

Young plants were planted and seeds sown. This patch constitutes another step in our goal to establish a corridor of Monarch habitats through our two parks. We already have Dave Poeschel’s Butterfly Garden that was established March 2014 on the west-side of Golf Creek in the middle of Jeffrey Fontana Park. Dave has extended plantings from the Golf Creek bridge both east and west. Soon, patches of milkweed will be established from the Fontana Tot Lot to Almaden Expressway. We now have three patches of narrow-leaf milkweed planted in the west end of T.J. Martin Park, located in the undisturbed meadow between the formal park and Coleman Avenue. Plans are underway to complete the ‘corridor’ concept through both parks and to perhaps extend the corridor beyond, along the PG&E right-of-way.

Thanks to all those that participated to make this happen. Special thanks to Dave Poeschel and Lee Pauser for collecting the seeds this last autumn. Thanks, also to Patrict Pizzo who arranged and directed this planting.

Won’t it be wonderful to see all those orange-black-and white Monarch Butterflies once again, visiting our parks and gardens?  monarch butterfly photo (2)



Pat Pizzo instructs the crew

On a cool, frosty morning, November 28th, volunteers from Boy Scout Troop 262 and the SJ City Adopt-a-Park program, converged on planting projects begun by the Scouts over the last three to four years. Their main objective was to replace the plants lost to the drought and/or vandalism, and to clean-up the project. Several drought resistant plants were planted, weeds were pulled, and in general, the area was made clean once again. Thanks to Scout Troop 262, District 10 Councilmember Johnny Khamis, volunteers from Holy Spirit School in San Jose, the J.F. Kennedy middle school in Cupertino and for all the others. None of this would be possible without the direct involvement of the Martin-Fontana Parks Association. Thanks to Patrick Pizzo, and MFPA President, Linda Wilson, for coordinating the effort.

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Photos by Councilmember Johnny Khamis and Sunny Wagstaff


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